Towards a theory of artificial and biological neural networks

A Les Houches workshop -- 20.-24.02.2023

đź‘‹ Welcome to the workshop on Recent advances in understanding artificial and biological neural networks, to be held in Les Houches in the French alps, from 20.-24.02.2023.

We will have a fantastic set of speakers, a poster session, contributed talks, and plenty of opportunity to explore the wonderful surroundings in the French alps.

The schedule of the workshop can be found here. For practical information surrounding the workshop, please take a look at the website of the Les Houches School of physics or contact the organisers (see below).

Confirmed speakers

The event will be animated by a fantastic set of speakers.

Jean Barbier [ICTP]
Giulio Biroli [ENS]
Nicolas Brunel [Duke]
Mitya Chklovskii [FlatIron/NYU]
David G. Clark [Columbia]
Claudia Clopath [Imperial]
Alex Cayco Gajic (ENS Paris)
Julijana Gjorgjieva [TU Munich]
Alessandro Ingrosso [ICTP]
Jonathan Kadmon [Hebrew University]
Florent Krzakala [EPFL]
Alessandro Laio [SISSA]
Andrea Montanari [Stanford]
RĂ©mi Monasson [ENS Paris]
Andrew Saxe (Gatsby Unit & SWC, UC London)
Levent Sagun [FAIR]
Julia Steinberg [Princeton]
Matthieu Wyart [EPFL]
Lenka Zdeborová [EPFL]
Riccardo Zecchina [Bocconi]


SueYeon Chung (Flatiron, NYU)
Sebastian Goldt (SISSA)
Marc MĂ©zard (Bocconi)


We thank the following agencies for their generous financial support of the workshop.

Simons Foundation
Fondation CFM pour la recherche
Flatiron institute